Pakistan has become a major destination for energy products. The exponential rise in the consumption of gasoline which averaged to 2 million metric tons for many years has increased to more  than 7 million metric tons. The domestic production has not increased to more than  2 million metric tons which has opened opportunities for import of gasoline. Involvement of the private sector with the licencing of private oil marketing company(s) has increased  opportunities for sourcing, storage, finance,trade and marketing of gasoline.

This recently established division is actively pursuing partnerships with global sellers and importers. Creating synergy and competitiveness on sourcing while improving quality standard’s as the country progresses from Euro 2 to Euro 5 specifications in-step with climate change policy of the country.

Fuel Ethanol

There is a global initiative towards renewable fuels and many countries are blending ethanol to gasoline as a RON booster in different percentages. Pakistan had taken this initiative by blending ethanol of sugar cane molasses to gasoline but had discontinued as sugar cane molasses sells at a premium in the world market . If developed correctly Pakistan needs more than 700,000 MT of fuel ethanol per year as an octane booster hence there is an opportunity for sales of fuel ethanol produced from corn .

This division is developing relationships between global producers and exporters and blenders within the gasoline industry and other destination prospects in the country.