Delta International is a representative of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), UK in Pakistan.


Creating awareness and market development for financial managers, encouraging them to gain qualifications for Continuous Professional Development in the country.

CISI offers certifications in the following:

1. CISI Professional Financial Qualifications
2. CISI Professional Assessments
3. CISI Professional Refreshers 

CISI Professional Qualifications recognised in 73 jurisdictions are designed by senior practitioners to help professionals meet the requirements of markets across the globe and achieve core competence for their job requirements.The CISI flexible study pathways, can help professionals gain a competitive edge over their peers, whether you are starting your career or becoming a specialist. CISI  Qualifications are recognised by 73 regulators around the world, and has 45,000 members globally.

Professional Learning

CISI Accredited Training Partners in Pakistan;

  1. National Institute of Banking & Finance (NIBAF).
  2. University of Lahore (UoL).

CISI cooperation MOU’s with organisations in Pakistan;

  1. Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and with Institute of Financial Markets of Pakistan (IFMP)
  2. Institute for Cost & Management Accountants Pakistan (ICMAP)

Benefits of CISI Qualifications

Candidates after passing the CISI qualification examinations will benefit from the following;

  1. The CISI professional qualification certifications are accepted and recognised globally.
  2. Professionals will automatically become Members Chartered professionalbody you will benefit from an enhanced status in the financial services sector globally. You will become a part of an organisation which holds the respect ofgovernments and firms around the world, and will be awarded through the various grades of CISI memberships.
  3. The Designatory letters added to their CV’s, LinkedIn profiles and business cards will indicate knowledge and experience within, the financial services profession.
  4. CISI members have extensive opportunities to make connections and share knowledge through membership of the CISI professionals and can access an international network of 50,000 financial practitioners. A combination of events, forums and social media, enables CISI members to initiate and develop an array of connections with professionals from across the sector.
  5. CISI members can have access to personal member badges which are designed to help differentiate from their peers, display their achievements and ensure to maintain their competitive edge. The member badges available are related to their membership grade for example, (Affiliate to Chartered Fellow) and any qualification-based title or certifications you have (Chartered Wealth Manager, CFP™ professional and/or Accredited Paraplanner).
  6. CISI members have full access to Professional Refresher. Professional Refresher is a first-class online training solution that consists of hundreds of modules to help you remain up to date with the latest developments, maintain regulatory compliance and demonstrate continuinglearning.  Firms can purchase individual licences for their staff and non-members can purchase annual membership.
  7. My CISI Member App lets the candidate Access all the personalised first-class CPD resources you enjoy, such as CISI TV, The Review and Professional Refresher, to earn CPD hours from your device, wherever you are – all automatically logged to your CISI CPD record.
  8. CISI TV
  9. CISI CPD Events
  10. CISI The Review magazine