Personalised Medicine for a Customised Healthcare

“The right medical treatment for the right patient at the right time”
Stratified, Precision, individualised or Personalised medicine is the new era of the 21st century of medicine in healthcare today. The traditional medicine practiced today misses out a key point that DNA the genetic makeup of each individual male and female is different and the DNA is the key to personalised medicine that will revolutionize the way the medical doctors prevent, diagnose and treat many diseases. Personalised medicine is a step forward from ‘one size fits all’ to matching therapies to a specific patient population.

Personalised medicine focuses on the treatment, management, and care of the patients health with a particular medical condition like for example, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, hypotension, stroke, cerebral palsy, ulcers, food allergies, diabetes mellitus, cancers, genetic diseases, genetic disorders, obesity, osteoporosis, etc by identifying the systemic biology of the genes towards the medication (pharmacogenomics), nutrition and fitnesst.

The four P’s in personalised medicine

Our health is determined by our inherent differences combined with our lifestyle and environment. The main objective is to provide personalised medical and health service for each individual patient suffering from various forms of diseases by looking at the combined factors that can also contribute to the developing of the medical condition and the analysis of the data provided from the genome with other clinical and diagnostic information we can help in designing your own personal customised plan that is right for you.
We help resolve problems by suggesting the correct medication for the management and the treatment of diseases or if the patients are at risk of developing a medical condition as well as improving the patient’s lifestyle (diet and exercise)

This can then help us determine the most effective interventions to help improve the health of the patient’s through medication and lifestyle.

We are always looking for global partnerships that wish to work with us in Pakistan.