Timeline Progress

Delta International was established in 1981 as a privately-owned market development and commercial brokerage entity. Delta originated from a family-owned cotton thread and yarn milling producer and trading conglomerate, (International Thread House and International Bleaching Factory) which was established in Delhi, British India, in 1920. The objective of setting up an independent market development entity was to pioneer novel commercial and industrial activities in the country.

In its 1st 20 years of activity, Delta International evolved into one of the market leaders in commercial brokerage and market development, leaving its mark on the inception and innovation of principled trading practices. It worked in marketing and sales of pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical packaging materials, industrial chemicals, and petroleum exploratory equipment, and diversified into agricultural commodities, sugar, soybeans, sunflower seeds,  canola ,wheat and fertilizers.

In 2002, Delta closed its activities as the ownership moved to Dubai UAE and set up partnerships in UAE expanding the activities in the region and diversifying and adding to its trade portfolio, coal, minerals and metals, and petroleum engineering equipment. 

The firm  pioneered a number of commercial activities including:

  • 1984 – Sales of coated aluminum/PC/PE/PVDC for pharmaceutical packaging, increasing the shelf-life of medicines.
  • 1995 – Sales of the first ever soybean seed from the United States hence supporting the under utilized oil extraction capacity of the country and fulfilling the needs of the country for edible oil and meals. This was followed by sales of Ukrainian Sun-seeds and Australian Canola seeds.
  • 2000 – Brought Pakistan to the world map of wheat exporters by assisting the Trading Corporation of Pakistan develop and organize exports of milling wheat from Pakistan. It sourced the largest quantity of Wheat during that campaign.

Delta International resumes its business in Pakistan in 2017.  As the baton passes to the next generation, expanding on its portfolio marketing and sales of agricultural commodities, DDGS, chickpeas, lentils, and energy commodities ethanol and gasoline as well as structuring a country representation with the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment to deliver Professional Financial Qualifications in Pakistan.